Welcome to EMDR West

You’ve probably heard about EMDR.

Maybe you saw a piece about EMDR Therapy on the news. Maybe someone you know had EMDR Therapy and told you good things about it. Or perhaps you’ve even done a little research and looked at some of the reports and studies that confirm it’s effectiveness.

And now, you want to know more. You want to know if EMDR can help you or someone you care about. You may even be ready to try it out for yourself.

Hello, I’m Doric George, a licensed therapist and clinical counselor, board certified, and an approved consultant certified in EMDR. If you want to know what that all means or if you want to verify any of it, click here for my profile.

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EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

What that really means is that we use the eyes and other sensory systems to reactivate (and perhaps accelerate) the mind’s natural abilities of self healing and growth. What I have noticed in the course of using EMDR since the year 2000 is that EMDR seems to reduce the power of negative past experiences and enhance the effect of positive ones.

Achieving this can help with many issues including anxiety, depression, addictions, and phobias, (and it might just help you feel better about yourself and what you’ve been through, which could make you more successful in life.)

The process, of course, is more complex; for some people change can happen quickly, while for others it can take longer. Not everyone is a good candidate for the work but that can be determined in a personal interview.

So go ahead and leave a comment and let me know what you interest is in EMDR and if you have any questions about it. Then go have a look at my website: EMDRwest.com and learn more about me and the type of work I do.

Thanks, for stopping by.